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Minimum wage is going up

People making minimum wage can expect to see a bigger number on their paycheques, starting this fall.

The provincial government has announced that the general minimum wage will increase to $11.40 from $11.25 on Oct. 1.

The rate for students under 18 that work fewer than 28 hours per week will rise to $10.70 from $10.55, the rate for liquor servers will rise to $9.90 from $9.80 and homeworkers will rise to $12.55 from $12.40.

As per legislation passed in 2014, minimum wage increases are now made on an annual basis and tied to the province’s consumer price index.

“It’s important for people to know that there is a consistent, transparent and fair approach to setting the province’s minimum wage that ensures workers receive annual increases that keep up with inflation,” Kevin Flynn, the province’s labour minister, states in a news release.

“It’s also important we provide predictability to businesses so they can prepare for annual wage increases. This helps to build a more prosperous economy and a fairer society for all.”