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Minimum wage hike announced

Some workers might be seeing some bigger numbers on their paycheques this fall.

The province has announced that, effective Oct. 1, the province’s general minimum wage will be going up to $11.60 per hour from $11.40.

The student minimum wage is also going up to $10.90 per hour from $10.70, while liquor servers will go up to $10.10 per hour from $9.90.

This marks the fourth straight year that the minimum wage has gone up following provincial changes made in 2014 that saw annual wage hikes tied to the consumer price index.

“We are committed to continuing to raise living standards for the hardworking people of Ontario,” states Kevin Flynn, the province’s labour minister, in a news release.

“By ensuring that our province follows a consistent, predictable and impartial process of increasing the minimum wage, we are providing a more stable environment for businesses and more money in the pockets of our workers. And, ultimately, we’re building up a more prosperous economy so everyone in Ontario has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”