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Migrants coming to Canada are Trudeau’s folly

Dear Editor,

It is difficult for me to watch our country become a destination for more  and more migrants, not refugees, ignoring our laws to cross our borders to take advantage of us.

This ridiculous situation was caused by the naïve narcissist, Trudeau.

Our border guards should be turning back these queue jumpers, not carrying their bags like bellhops!

All of us are now put in possible danger by this leader with no leadership abilities.

These migrants are told to come back in a couple of months for a hearing!

Sure! Like they will show up when they know if they do not qualify at that time, they will be deported in due time.

Many may be deadly germ carriers that could spread disease to the rest of us, as that is not checked till months later either!

Many may be criminals, or worse, terrorists, that have found an easy way to gain access to our country!

We are seeing what problems many European, and Scandinavian countries are now having to deal with because of mass migration. With the exception of Poland and Hungary, as these countries are not as naïve as Germany, or Sweden for instance, and protect their borders!

These people are not poor refugees. Many are flying to New York state, than hopping on a bus, cab, or train to reach the Canadian border.

From there it is just a walk across to Quebec, and free dental, eye care, welfare, and the land of milk and honey, at our expense.

Similar things are taking place in Manitoba.

This is insanity! We cannot absorb all that want to come here! What about the legal applicants around the world that are doing all the requirements necessary to immigrate here, but see all these cheaters jump the queue, and to hell with the rules put in place for good reason? It is totally unfair to them and us, and all because of Trudeau’s penchant for trying to upstage President Trump, who actually cares about his people, and takes the necessary steps to protect them! I feel Trudeau should stay off twitter, for our sakes, as that is what caused this. Never mind constantly  harping about Trumps’ twitter feed in Canadian  media circles. Pay more attention to what our own inept leader is up to!

We will pay a heavy price for Trudeau’s folly. Maybe in more ways than one!

Pray not!

Russ Horner