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Make affordable dental care an election issue

Dear Editor,

There is no public dental program for low income adults in Ontario.  That’s why Marilyn Curtis cannot access dental care in her community.  A very small number of  Community Health Centres offer oral health care services to low income adults at a reduced rate – they struggle to fund these programs through charitable donations and sometimes get assistance from their Local Health Integration Network. The Carea Community Health Centre in Oshawa does not have a dental suite but would be a great location for one.  In its 2014 budget the Liberal government committed to provide public dental for low income adults by 2025 – but we have seen no progress. Meanwhile an estimated 3 million people in Ontario can’t afford oral health care.  It’s election year in 2018 – it’s time to contact the Liberals, the PC Party and the NDP to say we need your commitment to extend low income dental programs for kids to low income adults and seniors.  This is a health care issue. What will your party do?

Sincerely, Jacquie Maund