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Luck rolls through Oshawa with multiple lotto wins

Luck seems to be rolling through Oshawa recently as multiple residents have won big on Instant lotto tickets.

Douglas Robertson of Oshawa is $100,000 richer after winning on an Instant Hot Card lotto ticket.

Robertson, a 70-year-old married grandfather, spontaneously decided to buy an instant lotto ticket while at a local retailer.

“I uncovered the ticket and asked my wife to take a look because it looked like I had won $100,000,” he says, while at the prize centre in Toronto to claim his prize. “She told me, ‘You’d better have it checked at the store, you’re blind!’” he laughs.

The Oshawa resident plans to take his wife on a vacation when it’s possible to travel and share his windfall with his children.

The winning ticket was purchased at Toms Food Store on Nonquon Road in Oshawa.

Andrew Drummond of Oshawa and Hayden Vialva of Courtice won $139,830.90 recently in a lotto max second prize, matching six numbers plus the bonus number to win the prize.

Drummond and Vialva, lifelong friends since high school, have been playing the lottery together for a couple of years. They discovered their win when Drummond checked their ticket at a local retailer. After double-checking, he took a picture of the ticket checker screen and sent the photo to his friend.

“I had no idea what I was looking at,” Vialva says.

The pair plan to pay off their car loans. Vialva, 50, plans to renovate his master bedroom and Drummond, 51, plans to put the remainder of his share in the bank.

“We feel so excited and thankful,” says Vialva. “It’s great to win. I play hoping to win but never expecting to win.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Petro Canada on Taunton Road in Oshawa.

Oshawa resident Susan Sos recently won the lotto not once, but twice in three weeks.

Sos first won a $50,000 top prize with Instant Crossword, followed by a $100,000 win with Instant Crossword Tripler a couple weeks later.

The 45-year-old financial advisor discovered her first win while she was out for a drive and stopped for gas and to buy an instant ticket.

“I found a nice quiet place to stop, enjoy the sunshine and play my ticket,” she recalls, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to collect her cheques. “The words started coming up and I got excited. I used the OLG Lottery App to check my ticket and saw that I had won $50,000.”

Sos purchased an Instant Crossword Tripler while at the cottage three weeks later and stopped while driving home to play her ticket, only to realize she had won another $100,000.

“I could barely speak I was in so much shock. After both wins, I called my boyfriend and he kept saying, ‘No way!’” she laughs.

Since January, Sos has been focused on three major goals – to pay off her debt, to take a small vacation, and to save a down payment for a home.

“These two wins will help me accomplish all of my goals,” she says.