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Local men among hundreds facing sex-related charges

Five Oshawa residents are among the hundreds charged with sex-related charges by Ontario Provincial Police.

OPP officials announced as a result of a provincial strategy to protect children from sexual abuse and internet exploitation, a total of 122 persons, including 11 youth who cannot be identified under terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, are facing more than 550 charges.

Additional partners in the strategy included municipal police departments, the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency and Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

The following Oshawa residents were charged:

  • Murray Stuart, 55, faces charges of possession of and accessing child pornography
  • Ryan Davis, 40, faces charges of possession of and accessing child pornography, and voyeurism
  • Jason Mischler, 41, faces five charges of luring a person under 16, sexual interference and attempted sexual assault
  • Stephen Graham-Smith, 36, faces charges of possession of, accessing, and distribution of child pornography, and three counts of breach of recognizance
  • Jason Tymzyna, 39, faces charges of possession of, accessing, and distribution of child pornography

OPP officials say the lengthy list of charges shows “the prevalence of online child sexual abuse in Ontario.”

“It is our fundamental and moral responsibility to ensure every child grows up safe. On behalf of the OPP, I want to make this message very clear – we will not stand for anyone hurting our kids. We will do everything we can to reduce the threat child predators pose to our children,” states Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum.

Staff Sgt. Sharon Hanlon, coordinator or the provincial strategy says perpetrators of online sexual exploitation often attempt to minimize their actions by saying they were “just looking.”

“Let me be clear, anyone who possesses, distributors, accesses or otherwise supports the supply and demand chain for child sexual abuse images are complicit in the sexual exploitation of children,” Hanlon said.