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Local man spreading the love for Oshawa

Taylor Bailey (right), pictured with UFC fighter Justin Bruckmann, is the man behind a movement called “We Love Oshawa.”

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

In an attempt to dispel Oshawa’s sometimes questionable reputation, local resident Taylor Bailey started a campaign to build up some civic self confidence.

Much like the “I love NY” shirts commonly found in New York, Bailey is hoping to make “We love Oshawa” shirts commonplace around the city.

Bailey, who was born and raised in Oshawa, explains it’s an idea to unify the city and spread the love of what it has to offer.

“Oshawa gets a bad rap,” says Bailey. “It’s a good place, and I want like-minded people to come together and for this to be a good thing.”

The shirts sell for $30, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to charitable organizations such as Life Rally Oshawa, Feed the Need in Durham, Feed it Forward and other groups.

Bailey says he chose these companies because, “It seems like they’re helping the people most in need.”

Right now, Bailey has yet to sell any shirts – but he says it’s with good reason.

“I’ve given them all away to try and help the spread of our message,” explains Bailey.

Right now, Bailey says the best way to get a shirt would be to go visit William Shaw at Soundstream Multimedia, located at 111 Simcoe Street North, unit 204.

Shaw, who makes the shirts, teaches youth about music.

Bailey explains seeing negativity around Oshawa is what inspired him to start We Love Oshawa.

“The negative people, they’re outshining the good here,” he says. “Also, the negativity with General Motors announcing they’re pulling out. We’re strong, and we love this place… there’s still a future here without GM.”

Bailey has been spreading his love of Oshawa on his own social media as well.

He says as of yet there is no official social media accounts for We Love Oshawa, but he plans to develop them soon.