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Local man faces murder charges

Adam Strong

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

An Oshawa man has been charged in connection to the murder of two local teens.

Adam Strong, 46, has been in custody since last December after police found partial remains of Rori Hache, 18, in his McMillan Street apartment.

He was initially charged with indecent and improper interference with a dead body.

However, during a recent court appearance, Strong and his lawyer were informed he has been charged with the first-degree murders of Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick, another Oshawa woman who was reported missing in 2010. Fitzpatrick hasn’t been seen since 2008.

The original charge against Strong has been dropped.

Durham police found traces of Fitzpatrick’s DNA at Strong’s apartment during a follow-up investigation in July.

A preliminary hearing for the accused had been scheduled in October but was quickly adjourned at the request of the Crown because of new evidence.

Hache disappeared in August 2017.  Her torso was found in Lake Ontario near the Oshawa harbour the next month.

Fitzpatrick, who was 19 years old when last seen a decade ago, is considered the 10th homicide victim in Durham Region this year.