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Local hero working on second anti-bullying book

Oshawa resident Ryan Doyle, above, is currently working on his second book regarding the topic of bullying and hopes his work can help those who have experienced bullying move on and live fuller lives.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa’s Ryan Doyle is continuing his push to make sure victims of bullying live full and happy lives.

After publishing his first book last year – a part memoir, part self-help book for those who have experienced bullying – Doyle is currently in the final stages of his second book, which turns the lens toward looking forward.

With the working title The Brightest Future, Doyle, who experienced years of bullying throughout high school and suffers with depression and autism, is looking to help victims leave the past behind.

“It’s designed to help victims of bullying and former victims of bullying, it’s designed to help them develop a promising and rewarding future for themselves,” he says.

“I feel like this book can give victims a sense of hope and can provide them with strategies.”

It’s something that many victims can suffer with, and Doyle says the book can help readers to realize the importance of leaving those hard times behind.

“If someone has a traumatic past, they can’t allow that past to affect them at present and if they can be happy at present, then they can move forward into the future in a positive way,” he says.

Along with his literary credentials, which includes his first book, Tears of Loneliness: The Angel Within, Doyle was recognized in 2015 with a heroism award from the City of Oshawa for saving his mother’s life after she collapsed at their home.

For his latest book, Doyle is currently in the editing stage, with hopes of finding a traditional publisher. He says he’s learned several valuable lessons from the first time around.

“It was just my first book, so it was a learning curve,” he says. “So, I’ve learned that I can always improve as a writer, no matter how good of a writer I become.”

Doyle says he hopes to have the editing completed this summer.

For those interested, his first book is available via and also through the publisher’s website at