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listen to what the public wants

Dear Editor,

Last week, the Liberal government announced they would be releasing the Ontario budget at an earlier date than originally anticipated, February 25th.

I was very surprised to learn that the government was rushing to release their budget, because I had hoped the government was taking its time to ensure the people of Ontario were properly consulted. The government held a number of pre-budget hearings and public consultations, which I sincerely hope were taken seriously and weren’t just for optics.

I hope the government will value the input of opposition parties.

The Ontario PC Caucus and our leader Patrick Brown outlined three reasonable requests that the people of Ontario deserve to see included in the upcoming budget. Ontarians deserve an affordable quality of life with the world’s best social and health care services.

The three recommendations are: a credible plan to make energy affordable in Ontario, ensuring proper management of Ontario’s health care system, and a credible plan to balance the budget and pay down the debt.

Ontario has among the highest energy prices in North America, cuts to front-line health care services are rampant across the province, and our debt is growing at the fastest rate of any federal or provincial government in Canada.

Life has become increasingly difficult under the Wynne Liberals.

We in the Ontario PC Caucus look forward to working closely with the Liberal government to ensure the upcoming budget is in the best interest of all the Ontarians, from every corner and community of our province.

Lorne Coe, MPP