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Listen to Trump on free trade

Dear Editor,

Globalization through free trade – who’s it good for? Apparently not Oshawa with the imminent threat of GM jobs going to Mexico and China. All governments keep telling us that free trade is good for us, but then why have we lost so many good paying manufacturing jobs since the creation of NAFTA and continue to lose these jobs? Just follow the money trail to these greedy multinational corporations for your answer.

Wake up people and demand our governments take action like they did in the UK by getting out of the European Union. We need to re-negotiate NAFTA and this looming Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement. Mr. Trudeau can take a page out of Donald Trump’s book on the subject. The Donald plans to penalize any American corporations who move their plants to Mexico and China by imposing huge tariffs on their products coming back into the country, thus discouraging this despicable practice.

Richard Kasperczyk