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Letter writer is wrong again on union formula

Dear Editor,

Nobody knows about the Rand Formula is hogwash! For a person who seems to have an opinion about everything, Mr. Ron Horner should have taken the time to do a little research.

It is simply not enough to say, “I didn’t know about the law,’ and there is no excuse for it.  Just try saying that to a police officer, “I didn’t know the speed limit was lower in a school zone!”

I don’t know who Mr. Horner was talking to, but I would guess it’s the same people who mask behind the Right to Work Law. For Mr. Horner to claim to have not know of the Rand Formula is hogwash.

Several articles have been written on this subject. I have written several articles myself. The Oshawa Express published an article I wrote on July 25, 2012, on “right to work less”. On January 16, 2013, The Oshawa Express published my letter “Right to Work Law not Canadian.” On January 11, 2015, Oshawa This Week published my letter “Right to Work policies – un-Canadian.”

The Toronto Star did some excellent coverage on the subject. On December 15, 2016, Richard J. Brenan did an article titled, “Tories relish US Right to Work laws.”

On December 17, 2012, the Star wrote on an editorial page, “Right to Work Laws, Not Freedom.” On December 21, 2012, Tim Harper wrote, “Tory prophet preaches worker freedom.” An excellent article!

I can only come to the conclusion that Mr. Horner doesn’t read the paper or follow newsworthy articles on this subject, or maybe doesn’t want to know. Either way, his noise is going to grow if he doesn’t do some better research before he writes on a subject that he knows just nothing about.

Gord Vickers