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Lessons on hydro and social programs

Dear Editor,

Re: Return to Affordable Way of Life

Just so Mr. Shalapata understands, I am saying that we can afford social programs as long as everyone pays their fair share. The reason I know this is because I enjoy all these social benefits, and yes Mr. Shalapata, you the taxpayer pay for my benefits.

As for your opinion concerning hydro, let me enlighten you to what caused the hydro mess in the first place. In one word “deregulation” of public power at cost for private power for profit. Public power was whatever it cost the government to supply hydro to your home is what you paid. I guess you never heard of Sir Adam Beck who said, before he died, he would like to build an iron fence around Ontario Hydro to keep the politicians from getting their greedy little hands on it. I would strongly suggest you read the book Public Power by Howard Hampton before you comment any further.

Let’s look at who was the lead consultant who came to Ontario selling private power as the saviour of free enterprise market forces. Enron representatives, who were convicted and put in jail for their scam promoting private power. Enough said on hydro.

As for your opinion on who to blame for the financial meltdown, paid lobbyists is the right answer. Look at the windfall they made for themselves and they’re back at it right now lobbying Washington for removal of the safeguards put in by President Obama. Hold on to your wallet.

As for your comment that only the most needy should apply, the question then becomes who sets the bar? In the Dirty 30s and 40s, those who were applying for welfare were required to remove their clothing so that a government agent could see their ribs to qualify. Tommy Douglas, who was voted the greatest Canadian, once said, “dream no little dream, think of the changes we made, think of changes we can still make.”

You sir, dream the American dream where only the rich can afford to get sick. It’s apparent to me you’re living on the wrong side of the border.

Gord Vickers