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Lakeview Beach East safe for swimming

Oshawa’s Lakeview Beach East is open for swimming.

Oshawa’s Lakeview Beach East is open for swimming, while the west beach has yet to be tested due to restricted access.

According to the latest testing by the Durham Region Health Department released on June 28, only two beaches in the region were posted unsafe for swimming due to elevated E.coli levels. The only posted beaches were located in Beaverton.

Public beaches are posted as unsafe when E. coli levels exceed the provincial standard of 200 E. coli per 100 ml of water.

Lakeview Beach West has yet to be tested this year due to restricted access.

Health unit officials state they continue to monitor access and will begin water sampling when entry is considered safe.

The public is reminded not to swim in beach water for at least 48  hours after heavy rainfall, as bacteria levels can increase due to run-off.