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Kudos to Kanye!

Dear Editor,

Kanye West seems to have what it takes to be his own man, and therefore a free thinker, when he tweeted recently that he supports Donald Trump.

The thought police were outraged with him, but so far he has not backed down, not like our own Shania Twain did when she faced the wrath of the “thought police”, and then apologized for saying she too would have voted for Trump if she had the opportunity.

Trump’s popularity rating is at this point in time still at 48 per cent. I bet it would be much higher if all that were questioned answered honestly, and were not afraid to be their own true self, and lied about who they really support. I bet Kathleen Wynn would just love to have her support tabled at 48 per cent, or even half of that!

Yet people like her feel they are so morally superior to Donald Trump, but really are out of touch with most of the ordinary folks, and even some of the more famous ones like Kanye.

Kudos also to his woman Kim Kardashian for defending him, and his right to support whoever he wants to, without being chastised by the loony left thought police.

More of those Hollywood types should grow a pair and gain some self-respect.

Russ Horner