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Know before you go in Durham

know_before_you_goResidents are going to start seeing some new colours in store windows.

Starting today, June 1, businesses running personal services such as aesthetics, manicures and pedicures, tattoos, hair salons, barbers and body piercings, will be required to post inspection summary signs from the regional health authority.

The new Know Before You Go Durham program, similar to the region’s DineSafe Durham food safety disclosure program, will indicate an individual business’ status, with green meaning a pass, yellow a conditional pass for a specific non-compliance and red for an immediate health hazard resulting in a closure. Businesses with red signs can have either the entire operation shut down, or a specific service stopped.

“There is significant public support for a personal services setting disclosure system,” states Ken Gorman, the region’s director of environmental health.

“More than 90 per cent of area residents who were surveyed indicated that public health inspection results for these services should be displayed and that the colour of the sign posted would affect their decision on where to go to receive a service.

“Nearby municipalities, including Toronto and York Region, currently have similar disclosure programs in place, so Durham Region residents may already be familiar with the concept.”

Gorman adds that not all businesses may have their signs up right away, but must do so within the next 12 months.

For additional information regarding Know Before You Go Durham, please call the health department’s environmental help line at 1-888-777-9613, or visit