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Keeping jobs in Canada should be NAFTA priority

Dear Editor,

I do not understand why Canada is so adamant about keeping Mexico in a trilateral agreement, when the U.S.A, it appears, wants to go the bilateral route.

Why should we care, as long as we get a respectful deal in the end? As a retired autoworker, I have no deep-seeded love for Mexico, or their problems they may have, as I watched tens of thousands of Canadian jobs head down Mexico way over the years. Many auto plants in Canada and the U.S. have closed the doors over the years, as Mexico has been building new ones. The most recent apparently is a new one under construction, to build BMWs. They will pay, I understand, $1.10 per hour! Until Mexico agrees to up the standard of living for their people by increasing their wages, why should we worry about them? Those Mexicans working in the plants there cannot afford to buy the products they build. All they can do is to take our work down south, and they do not seem to be worried about us up here that have lost the work. The Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., and all the elected Canadian politicians, must realize they are paid by us to represent us, not Mexico.

We could be heading towards a recession if more tariffs are levied against us, especially our auto manufacturing. Yet the Canadian government insists upon keeping our unfair dairy marketing board in place, and adding socialistic demands to the NAFTA agreement that will never be accepted by the U.S., and should not be part of a NAFTA deal anyway. It is about trade, not social engineering.

We in Canada cannot even learn to deal with each other fairly between provinces. There was a token increase announced today in the amount of alcohol that can be brought across provincial borders, but we have a long way to go to before we can say that we have ‘free trade’ at home, let alone with international partners.

We have a lot of growing up to do here it seems if we want to be a bigger player in the general scheme of things.

We have a lot of smug talking heads up here taking cheap shots at the U.S. administration on a daily basis.

We may pay a heavy price for all that bluster and false bravado.


Russ Horner