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Insurance wrangling continues with DDs and city officials

After placing a hold on its trend-setting designated drivers bylaw, the city has realized it may need to change its tune.

Following further discussions with stakeholders and the insurance industry, the city has realized that the requirements it is seeking for the city’s DDs are actually currently not offered by insurance companies.

According to the city’s new bylaw, DDs will be forced to acquire a $2-million commercial general liability insurance policy in conjunction with a non-owned automobile liability policy, and a legal liability for damage to automobiles in the care, custody or control of the insured policy. The additions of these policies protect the companies and the driver in the case of accidents or other instances, such as incidental damage to the customer’s car.

However, this framework, which is offered to services such as pizza delivery vehicles, is currently not offered to DD services by insurance companies.

Staff have been directed to continue to monitor the availability of such a policy and report back in September.