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Indoor market sets tentative opening date

Oshawa’s new indoor farmer’s market in downtown Oshawa is set to open this December.

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa’s first year-round indoor farmers market has set a tentative opening date.

Right now the opening date for the market is Dec. 1, with a soft opening for media and influencers shortly before the grand opening.

“We wanted to make sure the market opened this year,” explains Rebecca Munn, director of social media and marketing at B.I.G. Renovation and Development. “We really felt with all of the eyes that were on the market, it just made the most sense.”

She adds they can celebrate the holidays while also opening the market in early December.

Munn says she’s also excited as a bar is set to open in the market, which will allow for entertainment.

She also notes Dec. 1 is when the contractors will be ready for them to take over.

As of the end of this week, Munn expects for the market to be completely filled with vendors.

While the COVID-19 pandemic will have been around for months when the market opens, Munn says they still need to take precautions to protect vendors and customers.

“The whole place has been designed so that social distancing can still take place. With every vendor in their own space, it really creates almost like an indoor mall,” she says.

She notes instead of smaller booths with a lot of items for sale, it will be akin to a retail location in terms of space.

“If this is something that we still have to worry about in December – which it looks like it is – we will be able to have directional arrows on the floor, we’ll monitor the number of people in the building, we’ll have sanitization stations as well,” she says.

She feels that if masks are still being worn regularly, it will have become the norm for people if they are required to wear a mask inside the market.

The market will be three floors, and 11,000 sq. ft., and will consist of vendors selling food, flowers and more.

The market is set to open on Dec. 1, and will be located at 27 Simcoe St. N.