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Incinerator emissions OK

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

Results from May 2017 source testing at the Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC) indicate the facility did not exceed any regulated emissions levels.

Gioseph Anello, manager of waste planning and technical services for Durham Region, presented the results at the latest meeting of the Energy From Waste-Waste Management committee.

“Everything was in compliance,” Anello said.

The only emission that came close to reaching its mandated limit was nitrogen oxides (NOx)
Testing results show DYCE’s Boiler 1 reached 90.9 per cent of its sanctioned NOx limit, while Boiler 2 reached 92.6 per cent.

Committee member and Clarington councillor Joe Neal voiced his concerns about these levels, calling them “quite high”.

However, Anello explained due to the use of ammonia, NOx emission levels are frequently around the 90 per cent mark of what is allowed.

“If you look at those numbers, they stay steady,” he said.

Neal also questioned an air contamination exceedance in June at the Rundle Road monitoring station which was attributed to nearby Highway 418 construction by the region’s consulting firm Stantec.

As reported earlier in The Express, Stantec’s review found the wind was blowing in a west/southwest to west/northwest direction on June 12.

“Under these conditions, the DYEC was not upwind of the Rundle Road Station. Highway 418 construction activities were observed to be occurring that were upwind of the Rundle Road Station in these wind conditions,” Stantec’s review stated.

However, Neal pointed out that Stantec, “never seems to think the monitoring station is down wind” from the DYEC.

He stated he was “having a real hard time” accepting the explanation that was given, and that is he alarmed by the levels of some heavy metals.

“How do the metals come from highway dust? I’m sort of sceptical about this reasoning,” Neal said.

Unsatisfied with the answers he was given, Neal advised he would be raise the issue again in the future.