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“I want my money back”

Oshawa senior says she was scammed for thousands of dollars online


Miolicent Todd, an Oshawa resident, says she was scammed for thousands of dollars online by a company that said it would make her money on the stock market.

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Miolicent Todd was just looking to make a few extra dollars. Now, she owes the bank thousands of dollars on her credit card, and she says online scammers are to blame.

Everything started this past July when Todd, who is retired and lives by herself, was checking her email and saw a story that looked interesting.

“There was one (story) there and it was really fascinating. There was a lady there, she was probably in her 30s, and she had two young children and her husband, and (the story) was showing off this brand new car they had bought and also now she was saying they were going to be buying a new house,” Todd tells The Oshawa Express. “And it was all because she doesn’t have to go out to work now, she can look after the kids at home. But she’s also got a job now where she’s working on the Internet, and it’s a good job and she’s making loads of money.

“And I thought to myself, well why can’t I do that?”

The site, based out of the Mediterranean country of Malta, appeared to be a platform to make money off the stock market.

Todd says she was looking to make some extra money to help with a book she is currently working on, and that with a little training, she should be able to do just that with this site.

“I asked if they could train me, and they said ‘Oh yes, we can help you,’” she says, adding that based on the number she called them at, she assumed they were based in Great Britain. “So I felt more comfortable. It turned out they weren’t. They were lying to me.”

Todd says this was not the first time that the people on this site lied to her.

When she was about to start her training with this online company, they said that they would need access to her credit card.

“I thought, uh oh, I’ve never done that before. But it’s the only way they could do it and follow you through on these trades,” she says. “They said it was because they give you your money back through the card as well. It turned out that on the first (trade), that they did it. That’s how it came across.”

So the Oshawa resident said she felt more comfortable, and says she told the company she would authorize them to take $50 for that first trade, and would check back later to see how it did.

However, when Todd went online to see how much money she had made, she instead found that money had been taken from credit card. And it was a lot more than just $50.

According to Todd’s bank statement, there were five charges on her credit card on July 14, ranging between $327.82 and $2,950.32. The next day, two more charges were put on the card. When all was said and done, the company had charged just under $13,800 on her credit card.

“I opened up my bank account, and I nearly died,” Todd says. “They took it out as fast as they could.”

Todd says she began to email the site, demanding her money back. While she was able to recover some funds – approximately $3,200 – she still owes her bank more than $10,000.

“How am I going to pay that? I only have a pension,” she says. “I want my money back.”

Todd says she has filed a complaint with Durham police on this matter.