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“I certainly don’t think Harper is Hitler”

NDP candidate draws flack after favouriting tweet comparing PM to Nazi leader

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa NDP candidate Mary Fowler drew some heat online over the weekend after her Twitter account favourited a tweet comparing Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Adolf Hitler.

Fowler, however, says the act was a mistake.

“I don’t remember having ever favourited that tweet, and if it was done, it was by accident. I would never intentionally favourited something like that,” Fowler told The Oshawa Express on Friday, the day the favourite was first publicized. “I certainly don’t think Harper is Hitler.”

The tweet was sent out by a Whitby man in May.

The Twitter blunder was first publicized on the blog of Warren Kinsella, a former Liberal Party strategist, author, and opinion writer for several national publications including Globe and Mail, National Post and Walrus magazine.

In his blog, Kinsella says the tip on the favourite was forwarded to him by someone from the Liberal Party.

Fowler is not the first candidate to gain attention for her activity on Twitter in this election campaign. A Twitter account associated with Erin O’Toole, the Conservative candidate for the Durham riding, favourited a pornographic tweet from late June.

As was the case with Fowler, O’Toole told media outlets he was not aware of how the tweet was favourited.