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Horoscope: September 1 to 7, 2021


March 20 to April 19

The focus this month is on your close one-to-one relationships.  Open the lines of communication with your spouse and business partner.  If you need to discuss a problem, consult with a professional.



April 19 to May 20

Concentrate on the organizational and technical details of your work.  Do whatever you can to improve team work on the job.  Try not to have too many irons in the fire at any one time.



May 20 to June 2

Articulate and dramatic, your sense of humour is highlighted in September.  Share ideas with your children and participate in activities you both find fun and enjoyable.  Wear bright colours.



June 21 to July 22

If you hold family get-togethers, discussions with members of the family will be beneficial.  Memories will surface and your thoughts may be filled with nostalgia.  Good time to update family albums?



July 22 to August 22

Either you will feel distracted or you will be busy, busy, busy, rushing from place to another.  Interact with your siblings or your extended family.  Gather information rather than finalize matters.



August 22 to Sept 22

A favourable time for financial and business planning, you mind will be focused on finances.  However, you should guard against making hasty decisions.  Do some soul searching about what really matters to you.



Sept 22 to Oct 23

If you concentrate, you will be able to accomplish a great deal of mental work.  Avoid being too scattered.  Read a good book, send emails or chat with friends.  Plan a weekend trip to the country.



Oct 23 to Nov 22

This month, you will tend to keep your thoughts to yourself.  A friend could whisper something and ask you to keep it a secret.  More intuitive, your thinking will be influence by your feelings.



Nov 22 to Dec 21

Evaluate your personal goals and talk them over with friends.  Volunteer to fund raise for a service organization or contribute your ideas to a good cause.  Network to meet people who will help you move ahead on the job.



Dec 21 to Jan 19

Have a productive talk with your manager and ask for a raise.  Improve your relationship with your Dad.  Expect to handle more than one job.  Something could bring you to the public’s attention.



Jan 19 to Feb 19

Your conversations may be based on matters of faith and philosophy.  Join a metaphysical group.  A legal matter could be decided in your favor.  Get in touch with an in-law who lives far away.



Feb 19 to March 20

Negotiations regarding jointly held property could go on in September or your partner could receive a raise or bonus.  Events may cause you to reflect on your mortality.  A secret could be revealed to you.