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Horoscope: July 28 to August 3, 2021


March 20 to April 19

Well-liked and respected on the job, you may enjoy socializing with your fellow workers.  Choose job tasks that involve harmony and team work.  Follow a sensible diet.




April 19 to May 20

Appreciate your children and show your love for them.  Try out a new creative hobby.  Put your best foot forward and make a favourable impression on friends and acquaintances.  Schedule time to have fun!




May 20 to June 2

Enjoy your home life and spend quality time with members of your family.  Introduce them to your softer, more receptive side.  Put excess energy into repairing or re-decorating your home.




June 21 to July 22

If you talk about things that interest you, you should find a lot of value in the exchange of ideas.  Benefits will come through siblings, short trips or communication.  Meditation will help you deal with difficult problems.




July 22 to August 22

Since you find it easy to part with your money, be aware of how you spend it. A stable time for love matters and close relationships, value the people whose company you enjoy the most.




August 22 to Sept 22

Show your softer, more receptive side to the world.  Romantic opportunities and pleasurable activities are on your agenda for the next three weeks.  Go for a make-over or get a new hair style.




Sept 22 to Oct 23

Some Libras will experience a time of endings, relationship concerns and wistfulness.  Personal and social contacts can take place behind the scenes.  Reveal your secret crush to the one you love.




Oct 23 to Nov 22

If you participate in group activities, you could meet a significant other with whom you share many interests.  More peace loving, you may be slightly detached on a personal level.  Write out personal goals.




Nov 22 to Dec 21

People, in positions of authority, will recognize your skills and abilities.  Socially ambitious, do not hesitate to show off your natural artistic talents.  Participate in work related social activities.




Dec 21 to Jan 19

Since foreign people and places will appeal to you now, why not take the vacation of a lifetime?  If you want to publish a book, this is a good time.  It is also a favourable cycle to market a personal business.




Jan 19 to Feb 19

You could receive a raise or benefit financially through a partner (business or personal).  Since your relationship will be more intense over the next three weeks, form a deeper union with your partner.




Feb 19 to March 20

Flattery will get you everywhere if you use it wisely.  Spending time with your favourite person will put you in a good mood.  Single people may finally be ready to make a commitment.  Go for professional advice.