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Horoscope: Feb. 10 to 16, 2021


March 20 to April 19

Reach out to other people in a social and professional sense.  Focus on your personal goals that involve networking and making new contacts. Strengthening your ties with a group or organization.



April 19 to May 20

You will experience a sense of renewal and re-invigoration in regards to your career and status in the community.  Your photo could be printed in a newspaper.  People, in positions of power, are well aware of your skills and talents.



May 20 to June 21

This is a time to grow, explore and expand beyond your regular everyday experiences.  Initiate a new project that stretches your imagination.   Adopt a practical philosophy.  Read a good book.



June 21 to July 22

An empowering cycle, concentrate on developing your skills of self-master.  You are becoming more aware of what makes other people tick.  Sharing and intimacy are heightened.  Start a new financial plan.



July 22 to August 22

Deal with relationship issues.  Work on, or resolve partnership issues that are mutually supportive.  Make an appointment with a professional.  Spend quality time with your spouse.



August 22 to Sept 22

Take care of business details.  Increase your efficiency by reorganizing, or simplifying your work and daily tasks.  The New Moon suggests a new start in your sector or work and health.



Sept 22 to Oct 23

Since your creative juices are sparked this week, you will derive great pleasure from the fun things that you do.  Schedule time for hobbies and leisure activities.  Make your children your first priority.



Oct 23 to Nov 22

The New Moon highlights your home and family.  Explore and develop a sense of inner security.  Good time to redecorate, remodel or reorganize your home.  Make long range plans for your future.



Nov 22 to Dec 21

Take care of the details of your daily life and communicate with confidence.  More alert than usual, you will derive great pleasure from writing letters, making phone calls, or sending emails.



Dec 21 to Jan 19

Since financial issues come into focus, set realistic financial goals.  Draw up a budget, or design a new financial plan.   Taking on a part-time job, or building a larger client base will increase your income.



Jan 19 to Feb 19

Energetic and enthusiastic you must find new ways of expressing and presenting yourself.  Get rid of a bad habit you want to break.  Your self-confidence will easily impress other people.



Feb 19 to March 20

Review, let go and recharge your physical batteries.  Take a step back from the outside world and enjoy some alone time.  Find emotional peace of mind before getting ready for a new beginning next month.