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Here we go again

Dear Editor,

Here we go again! I remember when Doug Sanders was appointed to the council seat he has now. At the time, the mayor along, with several councillors decided that an appointment was necessary. They then appointed Mr. Sanders to the seat. The person that had won was told he had to either give up his job with the TTC or his city council job. He could not have both, according to the TTC. That person then gave up his job at council and Mr. Sanders was then appointed to a seat on council.

It would save the city thousands of dollars in place of a byelection. Mr. Sanders had not even come in second in that election. Another person had come in second by a number of votes, so, I asked this question before. I would not mind so much if the person (Sanders) had come in second, but he came in fourth and was still appointed!

Now, Mr. Sanders faces the same thing in being appointed to the seat left vacant by the unfortunate death of Nancy Diamond.

This appointment  smacks of collusion! The city council has now become a dictatorship if this is allowed to happen!

Ron Horner