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Have a safe and fun holiday weekend

For the majority of us, the upcoming Labour Day represents the last vestige of the summer of 2018.

Road trips will be taken, memories will be made, new friendships forged, and students will take their next step into adulthood.

Unfortunately, for all of those great memories, there will be tragic ones.

As can be expected on a holiday weekend, the number of vehicles on local roads and highways will swell between Friday and Monday. In addition, there will be many more boaters on the water, and ATV users on the trails.

By sheer volume, the chances for accidents naturally increases.

In 2016, OPP reported the deadliest Labour Day weekend in two decades with 14 road, marine and off-road vehicle fatal collisions.

Police will be out in full force, doing their best to stop this from happening again.

But as much as they can do, police cannot be everywhere, and cannot see everything.

So the onus is on all of us to avoid certain decisions that could change lives in an instant.

Never mixing alcohol or drugs with any kind of driving is a rule that common sense dictates without a second thought.

However, the trend seems to be that distracted driving is actually becoming deadlier than impaired driving.

With smartphones becoming a necessity, not a luxury, more drivers are becoming distracted while behind the wheel.

And the whirlwind atmosphere of a long weekend can fuel this, with the feeling that every text message must be answered immediately to keep plans on time.

Speaking of being on time, the pressure of getting to the cottage or wherever we are heading can be hectic, leading to even the safest drivers trying to speed, pass unsafely or falling into other aggressive driving habits.

As clichéd as it may sound, it is indeed better to arrive later than intended, than to never arrive at all.

We all deserve to have happy, fun-filled long weekends, and with some planning ahead and consideration for those around us, it is something that is achievable.