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Harper can’t be blamed for everything

Re: “Dias: GM wants to close plant,” Aug. 17, 2016

Dear Editor,

I read where Jerry Dias could not control himself in his interview with the Oshawa Express, managed to get in a few more kicks at former Prime Minister Harper.

He would like us to think that Mr. Harper was the cause of all our problems in the auto industry. But now, with the Liberals in charge federally and provincially, he seems to think that we will turn things around. Time will tell whether or not all those thousands of hard-earned, forced union dues spent on Trudeau’s “speaking engagements fees” before he became top dog with the help of Unifor, and many other unions will change anything? I have my doubts.

Trudeau has made so many promises to so many groups to win the election, he could never fulfill them, as he already has created huge federal deficits, and his partner in deficit spending, Kathleen Wynn, has killed much private sector investment here in Ontario with her outrageous “green” energy program.

He failed to mention when back in 2008, the bulk of the GM loans that he crows about, came from the federal Conservative government under Mr. Harper, but we cannot keep going to the taxpayer for more and more funding to bribe companies to build cars here. They have to be self-sufficient and be enabled to be competitive on their own.

That constant “topping up” from taxpayers only works long term if you are based in Quebec, like Bombardier.

I believe that if GM closes up shop here, it will have a lot to do with increased taxes, energy costs, more and more government intervention, and Obama’s shift to a “Made in America” policy.

Remember when the Yanks put in many billions of aid to GM, some called it Government Motors after that, especially when the White House fired the GM president.

I feel Obama is the reason for that decision, along with Keystone and, possibly soon, Oshawa?

Dias’ pal Trudeau has systematically reversed most of the Conservative government’s agenda for no more than political reasons.

Many of those policies were good for the Canadian economy going forward, such as a balanced budget, which Trudeau now claims will “balance itself!”

I believe the day will come when many Canadians will wish Mr. Harper was still in control of our economy and the prosperity that could have been because of that fact.

I hope I am proven wrong, but I don’t hold out much hope of that happening.

Russ Horner