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Gun laws aren’t going far enough

Dear Editor,

Once again there are guns in the news. The Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and several other people were practicing their baseball team for a charity ballgame between the Republicans and the Democrats when they were gunned down. This is a terrible situation and now we hear a lot of Republicans saying they could have prevented this gunman from doing what he did if they could have been armed!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Tell me how if you were armed you could have prevented this whole thing from happening? At this point in this particular letter I will say that I am glad to be a Canadian and I am very glad that we have the gun laws that we do. They (the gun laws) do not go far enough! I do not understand for the life of me why anyone  (law abiding ) would want to own a gun! I understand that people in general like or dislike all sorts of different things. This is not a problem with me, but owning something that can and does cause so much destruction is beyond me!! I am also sure that there are a great many people who are of the same opinion as myself! I do not wish any harm to the people of the U.S. but if they had even 50 per cent of the gun laws that we have they would not be in this situation!! Anyone who is of the opinion that their gun will protect their loved ones are just fooling themselves. If a gunman was to come into your home guns blazing what good would your gun be to you?  I know there are a great many Canadians that think the gun laws of this country should be a little bit more like the gun laws of the U.S., but I cannot think they want to live in a country that has daily shootings throughout the year!

Ron Horner