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Government falls short with workplace review

Dear Editor,

As the president of Durham’s Labour Council, I wish to express the disappointment of Ontario’s Liberal Government lack of action on implementing the important work that was undertaken by the Special Advisors Panel on the Changing Workplace Review. A report that lays out how workers in Ontario are falling behind, without the important changes that are supported by faith groups, labour unions and community builders.

Workers hired through temporary agencies should be paid the same wages and benefits as their directly-hired counterparts. Workers in Ontario need at least seven paid sick days to deal with their health, without falling into poverty and forming a union, a constitutional right in this country, without employer interference is the key to ensuring a high living standard for all of society.
The evidence shows that healthy workplaces contribute to healthy communities and a stronger economy for businesses and workers. Readers and workers in our community should raise their voices and reach out to local MPPs about this Liberal government’s action in the days and weeks ahead and how it will influence their vote in June 2018.

John MacDonald
President of the Durham Region Labour Council