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Gold Cup returning to Oshawa

Lawn bowlers from all over the province are going to gather in Oshawa

The Oshawa Lawn Bowling Club is set to host the 81st annual Oshawa Gold Cup Tournament.

Lawn bowlers from all over Ontario are preparing to gather in Oshawa for the 81st annual men’s Oshawa Gold Cup Tournament.

The tournament is where the best male lawn bowlers in Ontario gather to fight for the crown as this year’s champion.

There are four teams representing the City of Oshawa in the annual men’s tournament.

The first team consists of Ross Wood, Bob Taylor, Mike Costescu, and Dennis Davidson.

The next team is made up of Ted Morrison, Fred Thompson, Bruce Morrison, and Bob Souch, while the third team has Steve Naylor, Ken Bunner, Roland Mackey, and Ethan D’Sa filling out its ranks.

The final team from Oshawa has Paul Twaddell, Doug Marshall, John Mackenzie and Roy Robinson.

Returning champions Wayne Wallwork, Al Purcell, George Penman, and Lucas Caldwell are returning to defend their title.

The tournament is set to take place on Saturday, Aug. 3 at the Oshawa Lawn Bowling Club, 150 Beatrice Street East.

If weather forces a date change, the tournament will be played on Sunday, Aug. 4.