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GO fares to fluctuate depending on distance

Users of GO Transit will be paying slightly more for long trips, but in some cases, much less when traveling a short distance.

Metrolinx is proposing the Presto fare for trips shorter than 10 kms be reduced to $3.70, representing a 21 per cent reduction from the lowest current far of $4.71.

The new fares will apply to trips made between any GO stations or bus stops across the region which are within 10 kms of each other.

Those who pay for paper tickets will also see a fare reduction from $5.30 to $4.40.

Metrolinx president and CEO Phil Verster said in a media release the changes are a “huge step towards making public transit even more affordable and more attractive for people in our communities.”

“This gives our GO customers a better, fast and easier way to get across town for work, trips to the mall, family visits or a night,” Verster said.

Verster anticipates the fare reductions will increase annual ridership by two million.

Fares for longer distance trips will increase by four per cent for Presto and 11 to 16 per cent for paper tickets.

Verster said the last time GO Transit fares increased was in September 2017.

“We are actively reducing our costs and expenses every year, by 5.2 per cent last year, and another five per cent this year,” he stated in the media release. “Having kept fares unchanged for nearly 20 years, inflationary pressures require us to make a fare adjustment now.”

Metrolinx’s board of directors will vote on the proposed changes on April 10.