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GO fares going up

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GO fares are set to rise by 40 to 60 cents starting in February 2016.

Commuters will soon be handing over more money to take GO Transit.

The board of directors for Metrolinx, the provincial agency which runs the transit service, voted at its Dec. 3 board meeting to raise the price of fares, effective Feb. 1.

More expensive fares saw the largest increases, with single adult fares greater than $8.25 going up by 60 cents. This means a one-way trip from Oshawa to Union Station in Toronto will soon cost $10.85, up from $10.25.

Fares between $5.70 and $6.50 will be going up by 40 cents, and fares between $6.51 and $8.25 going up by 50 cents.

Fares for one-way trips costing $5.69 and under will not be changing.

Presto card users will also be receiving a larger discount off paper tickets, with the discount for adults rising to 11.5 per cent from 10 per cent for the first 35 rides. Student discounts will rise to 18.4 per cent from 17.25 per cent, and children and senior discounts will rise to 52.65 per cent from 51.5 per cent.

Metrolinx has also announced it will be adding eight weekday trips along the Oshawa corridor.