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Giving power to the seller

Ian and Michaela Holl jumped at the chance to help homeowners in Oshawa by establishing a local branch of (Photo submitted)

Ian and Michaela Holl jumped at the chance to help homeowners in the Oshawa area by showing them how they can take control and save thousands on the sale of their home.

“From buying and selling many homes over the years and paying tens of thousands in commission, we knew that there had to be a better way – it’s just way too expensive,” explained Michaela.

“When we came across and did our research on both the business and consumer-offering, it just made sense,” added Ian. “We said, we need this in Oshawa, people need to know about this option when buying and selling homes.

We’re excited about what’s next and the opportunity to help homeowners gain confidence and control throughout their selling journey,” he added. is a proudly Canadian company that has helped close to 90,000 homeowners discover the benefits of private sale since 1998. Instead of a jack-of-all-trades approach, they put each important piece of the selling journey in the hands of the best person to handle that aspect – real estate lawyers for closing and paperwork, appraisers to give a custom blueprint to help you price it right, expert marketers to ensure your property reaches as many buyers as possible, and so on. This team of experts also includes the seller, who is at the heart of the transaction.

From monitoring listing details like views, messages and offers, to showing the property to potential buyers, sellers are located securely at the core of what’s going on.

“We can’t wait to get out and introduce to residents in the Oshawa area and value the opportunity to explain in more detail how we can help sellers with their unique needs,” added the Holls.