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Get your backyard ready for spring

8 top tips for homehowners

By Kaitlin Krull /

backyard-1For most of us, the end of winter signifies a new beginning. By the time spring rolls around, our brains switch from memories of shoveling, skiing holidays, and cuddling under warm blankets to daydreams of grilling, entertaining, and lazy afternoons in the backyard. Before you get too excited, however, you need to make sure your backyard is just as ready for the new season as you are. At Modernize, we think the backyard is the perfect spring and summer entertaining space, so you should do everything you can to make it shine. Here are eight of our top tips for making sure your yard is ready for spring.

Get clean

Give the exterior of your home a new lease on life for the spring, with a pressure wash of siding, windows, and concrete or tiled areas. This job is easily (and cheaply) done, and you will be pleasantly surprised with your home’s instant facelift.

Fire up the grill

Before you book any garden parties this spring and summer, make sure you can fulfill your role as grillmaster properly. Clean your grill inside and out, servicing if necessary, and make sure to stock up on gas or charcoal so you don’t run out anytime soon.

backyard-2Get your lawn in shape

Most of us live in areas that see a substantial snowfall during the winter, so when spring comes around, your grass will be looking less than stellar. Weed, reseed, and cut your grass in time for the warmer weather, but make sure to wait until your yard is dry and warm enough or you risk damaging both your equipment and your lawn.

Set up watering systems

In order to get your backyard looking its very best, service or set up your watering system for the warmer seasons. Test your equipment and change piping and hoses where necessary and make sure to set a timer for optimum grass growth (but be conscious of your water use—consider water butts or other alternative irrigation systems if necessary).

Head to the pool

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, make sure it’s in tip-top shape for those rare warm spring afternoons and definitely in time for summer. Thoroughly clean and refill your pool, bringing in professionals if you need help, and make sure you don’t neglect the area surrounding the pool as well.

Check your deck

Investigate your decking or wooden porch areas, replacing or fixing any rotten or loose floorboards and making safe your railings and bannisters as you go. For a quick and straightforward DIY that gives maximum result, restain or repaint your deck once the weather gets warmer.

backyard-3Update your entertainment space

Outdoor dining space is essential for late spring and summer parties, so make yours stand out from the rest. Upgrade your grill space, add a pergola, or splurge on an outdoor pizza oven or large all-weather dining table to really impress your guests whenever you entertain.

Increase curb appeal

Your front yard is just as important as the back of your home, so give your entryway a quick makeover with a coat of paint on the door, a new number sign or mailbox, and new wall or pendant lights. Finish your entryway revamp with a floral arrangement, handmade seasonal wreath, or other small home decor accessories.