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Get rid of hazardous wastes safely

Not everything can just be thrown into the garbage bin or recycling container

Across the region, garages are being cleaned out, basements emptied and storage sheds emptied out. However, not all that garbage should find its way to the dump.

The Region of Durham is reminding residents that waste such as paint, pesticides, oil containers, pool chemicals and many other household items are classified as municipal hazardous and special waste (MHSW) and can cause severe environmental damage if not disposed of properly.

These items should not be placed in your regular blue box recycle bin and should never be dumped down drains or catch basins as they could risk ending up in groundwater or other waterways.

MHSW items can be disposed of properly, and free of charge, at any of Durham’s waste management facilities, and should be delivered separately from other waste.

For more information, visit If you are unsure if an item is classified as MHSW, visit the region’s guide at