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Get ready to stop

Yield sign

Due to a change in provincial regulations, many of the city’s yield signs will soon change to stop signs.


By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

Due to recent changes in the Ontario Traffic Manual, the City of Oshawa will be making a significant change to some of its residential streets.

Yield signs in the city, which number 505, will now be changed to stop signs, according to a recent recommendation that passed through council on April 7.

According to Bill Grylls, the city’s manager of traffic, streetlighting and municipal parking, new provincial regulations now require yellow and black checkboards to be placed at all T intersections where yield signs exist.

Grylls says this would have caused many problems with properties in the residential areas where the majority of the yield signs are located.

“In order to comply, we would have to put up about 500 checkerboards and, generally, they would be on people’s front lawns,” Grylls says.

The change of signage will also save the city money, as the installation of new checkerboard signs would require the installation of more than 500 posts as well, Grylls says.

Council approved $27,000 in funding for the project in this year’s budget. However, according to Grylls, the 505 signs came in with a $12,000 price tag.