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General Motors is coming back to Oshawa

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to shutter their doors, General Motors (GM) has opted to reopen one of theirs in Oshawa’s plant.

GM has announced it has reached a tentative agreement with Unifor to reopen the Oshawa plant as part of a $1.3 billion deal.

With the reopening of the plant, 2,000 workers will be working at the plant in 2021, and might even expand to 2,500 jobs, says Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

The deal, which has yet to be ratified, will see workers assembling pickup trucks.

According to Dias, with the new agreement, the $1.3 billion deal will not only reopen the plant, but also put in place a new body shop and a new assembly line, and will fix up the paint shop.

“We will be a complete assembly operations once again,” says Dias.

GM will begin hiring workers again in 2021, and he says the first heavy duty truck will drive off the assembly line in January of 2022.

In March 2022, Dias says the second shift will be brought back to the plant, and in May 2022, light duty vehicles will roll off the assembly line as well.

“By July of 2022, there is a strong possibility that a third shift will be introduced into the Oshawa assembly plant,” he adds.

The plant will be building Silverados and Sierras, and will be the only GM plant across the globe to have the ability to build heavy duty and light duty trucks, he says.

“These are General Motors’ best selling vehicles,” says Dias.

GM Canada released a statement confirming the deal, but reinforcing the fact it needs member ratification, which will be held on Sunday, Nov. 8.

More info to come.