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Future of Rotary Pool is in public’s hands

At a recent committee meeting, a number of residents came forward in support of the city making improvements to Rotary Pool.

One resident, who uses the pool on a regular basis commented that outdoor pools are a valuable asset for any municipality.

He also remarked the city doesn’t need to make a profit on everything it is involved with.

There is undoubtedly some truth in both those statements.

Outdoor pool facilities have become somewhat of a rarity across the province, as they can be costly to maintain and operate.

A study regarding the future of Rotary Pool suggests it requires considerable upgrades, which will likely cost millions of dollars.

An argument against taking this course of action is simply not enough people are using the pool.

But these two aspects are tied together, as people are less likely to use facilities that are in need of improvement.

City council has decided to increase programming at the pool this summer on a pilot project basis to hopefully boost interest.

The city has done its part, now it’s up to the residents of Oshawa to play their role.

While Rotary Pool doesn’t necessarily have to be a money maker, the time is now for the public to show there is enough interest to rationalize investing in the facility.

Located in a neighbourhood that is considered “high-priority,” many residents, especially those with children, aren’t in a position to travel to other pool facilities, such as those at Del Park Homes Centre or the Oshawa Civic Auditorium.

Rotary Pool offers a relatively cost-effective, convenient summer recreation option, but council must represent the best interests of the city as a whole, not just one neighbourhood.

So if the numbers don’t add up, investing so much money in something that isn’t being utilized does not make sense at the end of the day.

As stated before, an outdoor pool is a valuable asset to the neighbourhood, but if the decision is ever made to close it, it is very unlikely that asset will ever return again.