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Freedom of speech

Dear Editor,

I have no real proof, only a disturbing “hunch” that The Oshawa Express may have, due to financial constraints, begun receiving some of Trudeau’s “bale out funding,” more commonly called a bribe, because of a loss of advertising revenue which lead to the loss of a hard copy in the form of a weekly newspaper a short time ago.

The initial bribe was $600,000,000 doled out to all news media who qualified to help overcome some of the financial hardships endured in the age of the Internet. I understand there has been more taxpayer funding since then added to the total as well. I can understand the temptation for these news outlets to take part in this bailout, but it is so wrong as far as freedom of speech goes in this country!

If any news outlet takes in essence, a bribe from the government, they have lost any and all credibility, and cannot be trusted to hold the government to account! The public can no longer believe what they read or hear on the “news,” as the media is beholding to the government, and in essence is bought and paid for, not unlike a prostitute!

There would be less and less critiques of the government allowed to be printed or spoken.

That is a very sad day indeed if that is the case with my favourite local news media, The Oshawa Express.

Thousands of Canadian soldiers, sailors, and airmen gave everything to protect freedom of speech for us, and we are slowly losing that freedom under communist admiring Trudeau.

I pray that I am mistaken, and hope for a resurgence of popularity in readership, and advertising revenue to breathe new life into a dying component of free speech in this once proud country.

Russ Horner