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Free speech taking a hit online

Dear Editor,

Does Mark Zuckerberg expect us all to just accept Facebook`s explanation for cutting accounts and pages from Facebook?

Who made him and his organization judge and jury concerning what should be cut from circulation?

That is akin to Ma Bell cutting off your phone line if she did not like what you were saying.

By his own admission, Zuckerberg, at the Senate hearing in the USA, claimed that Silicon Valley was far left politically, as if we did not know.

That being the case, how could anybody trust them to monitor what is placed on Facebook.

Any conservative musings or promotion could be at risk of being removed by these far left `judges“.

How convenient, heading into the midterms in the USA, and next year in Canada when we go to the polls in the fall!

Trudeau has already ordered Facebook to get rid of what he would consider `hate speech`, code for anything conservative, and not liberal!

One of Facebook’s top executives is a former top liberal party member! How convenient indeed!

What is happening to free speech is very scary indeed.

Fingers keep pointing to Russia in an attempt to hide what is taking place right here in our country, and the USA.

Facebook has too much power, and maybe should be broken up like the railroad monopoly was over a hundred years ago.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Russ Horner