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Former councillor receives thousands in severance

jennifer_oconnellA former Pickering councillor now sitting on Parliament Hill has received thousands in dollars of severance payments from both the region and Pickering.

According to a report from the region’s finance and administration committee, Jennifer O’Connell, who now sits as the MP for Pickering-Uxbridge, was paid $21,849.74 in severance in 2015. O’Connell also received $25,425 from the City of Pickering, according to a report from the city’s executive committee.

Under regional policy, after having served for three years on council, regional councillors are paid one month’s salary for each year served, up to 18 months. At the municipal level, Pickering councillors are paid one month’s salary for each year served after four years, for up to 24 months.

O’Connell, running for the Liberals, was elected as MP for Pickering-Uxbridge in October, ousting former Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu.