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For the love of people

Bill Fox

Bill Foxill

By Bill Fox/Columnist

Recent statistics show that more people are enrolling in courses to become nurses. I, for one, am so encouraged by this. The news has been full of how difficult it has been for all medical professions recently to have to deal with so many patients coming down with COVID.  And what does it say that people are inspired to want to pursue these professions?

Three years ago, two of my wife’s aunts passed away within 10 days of each other. Both were over 80 and had spent their careers as nurses. I have the memorial cards from Aunt Mona and Aunt Mary Lou’s funerals and I look at them every day as I do my morning prayers and meditation. You have to LOVE PEOPLE to want to be a nurse and want to help to heal them and to comfort them in their difficulties. I know both Mona and Mary Lou held the hands of patients who were entering into Heaven. On the other end of the spectrum, they also were among the first to comfort little babies coming from Heaven to join us.

I have been a patient in hospital a few times in my life and I always had a great respect for medical professionals that cared for me, but particularly nurses. When I was about eight I had pneumonia and was in East General Hospital (now renamed Michael Garron). I recall very clearly crying when I was released because the nurses, in particular, had been so kind to me and I would not see them again. It takes a special kind of person to enter into the medical profession. I know both my family doctor and his wife, also a doctor, spend some time each year visiting a third world country and donating their time and expertise to give people better lives.

In a lot of professions you have to LOVE PEOPLE. I cannot personally imagine being a police officer in this day of so much criticism because of the horrific actions of a few. But again, the young people I know that went into law enforcement wanted to help make a better, more peaceful world for all of us and they indeed LOVE PEOPLE.

With COVID restrictions, many parents are having to help their children with their schoolwork and may have a healthier respect for all involved in educating their children. Parents, imagine being in front of a class of 30 or more and trying to teach them when inevitably there may be a few students who let it be known they would rather not be there. When I taught courses to young teachers I would always ask why they became teachers. They would always say that they LOVE YOUNG PEOPLE, or that they were enthusiastic about a certain subject like science and wanted to spread that enthusiasm to their students. I was quite aghast a number of years ago when a young teacher answered that he entered into teaching because the summer holidays enabled him to pursue his music. I’m assuming he did not last long in the classroom! I spent most summers taking courses to upgrade my teaching skills during part of the summer.

I know of a young kindergarten teacher who is completely dedicated to her students. At home, some parents simply had to ensure their children did the work that the teacher had to create. This teacher has her own children at home and had to home-school them as well. Now that students are back in the classroom, more energy and creativity is needed to help inspire and teach young minds.

There are so many careers that depend on someone LOVING PEOPLE, and to me, they are our true heroes. I know when my mother-in-law and then later my dad were in a nursing home, you could tell the nursing assistants and care workers really LOVED PEOPLE, and to them I say thank you for making people feel comfortable in what might be their last days.

What with Valentine’s and Family Days being celebrated recently, this may be a time for all of us to appreciate all those who work at LOVING PEOPLE, regardless of their jobs.