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Fix downtown, Mayor Carter

Dear Editor,

Hi Mayor Carter: The month of September is the first time in 17 years that we cannot walk through Memorial Park. Any time of the day. I don’t know where the extra 60+ homeless people have come from but a lot of them are violent. Trying to pick fights with us, we’re in our 60’s and they pick fights with others walking down Simcoe past the park. Great job in supporting the 77 per cent of homeless in Durham but we pay the taxes that paid for the renovation of the park. And the seniors in the apartments across John St. also cannot use the park. I understand the need to help the less fortunate, but 17 years ago, there was nowhere near this many. I feel that the other cities and towns should have to look after their own people in need. With healthcare and shelter and food. It’s not fair that they send them to Oshawa. I know for a fact that Port Perry dropped one off a lot in Memorial Park when they didn’t want him ruining the tourist industry. And that was 17 years ago. I don’t know how many now. Send the out-of-towners back, and let us support our own homeless residents. I used to give money and food as I walked up Simcoe. We had only about 20 in need. But this is ridiculous and it is enough. Please make every town or city look after their own. Don’t put it on the residents and soup kitchens of Oshawa. Get a grip of reality as to what you have done to the businesses and residents of downtown Oshawa.

Sandra Mackenzie