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First hydro, what next?

Dear Editor,

The sale of Hydro One needs to be stopped. Not just because of its gross undervaluation, or the increased debt through asset benefit valuation and unwarranted dividend extraction, or the loss of an income generating entity, or because the premier said she wouldn’t sell it, but because of the reliance of the citizens and businesses of Ontario on that public utility.

Hydro One is to Ontario what the railroad was to Confederation.

Privatizing Hydro One will have the effect of increasing electrical rates. Municipalities that use the power grid to illuminate their streets and parks or to operate their transit systems will have to recover increased expenses through increased taxes, increased fares, or cuts to services.

Citizens beware. The sale of Hydro One is just the edge of the wedge. Healthcare, education and public transit are in the crosshairs of this misanthropic Liberal agenda.

Robert Goheen