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Federal offender wanted

federal_offenderA Canada-wide warrant has been issued after a federal offender breached his parole.

Michael Anthony Pinto, 39, is described as a white male, five feet and 11 inches tall, 177 pounds and has brown eyes and short brown hair. According to provincial police, he also has numerous tattoos, including a gargoyle on his back, Chinese lettering on the left side of his chest, another gargoyle on his left upper arm and a demon on his right upper arm.

Pinto is serving a three-year, six-month sentence for extortion, conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and the import/export of drugs.

Police say Pinto is known to frequent the Toronto area, as well as areas around Belleville, Kingston and Owen Sound.

Anyone who has had contact with Pinto or have information on his location is asked to call the Ontario Provincial Police’s Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Squad at 1-866-870-7673.