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Eyes off the phone and on the road

Dear Editor,

I thought that by raising the fine and the demerit points a person would get upon their conviction for distracted driving, that people would begin to get the message. Clearly they have not. In one weekend, the police laid charges of distracted driving to 75 people.

I do not have anything miraculous that would stop people from distracted driving. I thought that they would get the message, but they clearly don’t!

Maybe if the police were empowered to have the vehicle immediately impounded and the person’s driving privileges revoked for 30 days, then just maybe people would begin to get the message! This will take some time for the public in general to stop distracted driving, but in the meantime, there must be consequences and they must be harsh for the general public to finally get the message that distracted driving is really against the law.

It took a number of years and many, many fines later for the general public to finally get the message that they must buckle up before they start their journey! This country may have a lot of people that ignore the laws until they come up and bite you in the rump, but eventually they will and do get the message.

Unfortunately some people will have to die before something is finally done. NIMBY is the only thing that comes to mind!

Ron Horner