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Epilepsy Durham needs volunteers

More than 30 years ago, volunteers established Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) in an Oshawa school auditorium, with a wish list for a typewriter, pens and paper.

EDR has transformed into a dedicated thriving, frontline community epilepsy agency that provides local community programs across Durham Region. As EDR grows, so does the request for services and the organization is appealing to the community for help.

As a staff of two, EDR officials say they would not be able to help the nearly 32,000 individuals on average each year without the aid of dedicated volunteers.

“I have been volunteering for many years now. During this time I have learned new skills, showed off my talents and made many new friends. Volunteering has made a difference in my life,” says Michelle, a volunteer with EDR.

“The quest to heighten awareness, dispel myths and provide education is urgent. Please consider volunteering your time or skill set this year, and help to empower the 6,500 individuals and their families living with epilepsy,” says EDR executive director Dianne McKenzie.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer can complete the volunteer application form at and email it to