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Enough with this political correctness

Dear Editor,

The longer I live in my native country, Canada, the more confused I get trying to understand what the hell happened here!

All the political correct nonsense that has invaded the minds of our political, media, intellectual, and civic leaders has changed our once proud country into a submissive, whimpering disgrace!

This week alone, we see that we will be forking over ten million tax payer dollars to a convicted terrorist murderer who admitted killing and maiming some of our brave allied American soldiers fighting alongside of our troops in Afghanistan. The same week we are treated to the Canadian military brass throwing some proud members, two of which are native military members, under the bus for having the nerve to carry the red ensign aloft while visiting a Nova Scotia park to question the Micmac Indian protest on Canada Day! It appears that any issue that may be hundreds of years old, can justify protesting today, and nobody else better interfere or question why.

So there you have it! Terrorists deserve an apology, and ten million big ones, and our brave soldiers who signed up to give their lives, if necessary, for Canada get called racists, and possibly removed from the ranks.

What a disgrace!

Why would anybody be willing to serve anymore in this country is beyond me.

It is nothing more than a big slap in the face to our fighting men and women, and to our allies in the USA to approve this ten million dollar deal with the devil on the their Fourth of July!

It is like a real bad dream come true.

No wonder what the media call populist political parties, are popping up around the globe.

Many decent people are fed up with the politically correct crap, and just want fair and equal treatment for all, not just the chosen ones!

Russ Horner