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Electricity from coast to coast

Dear Editor,

Is it about energy or politics? Electricity is the energy future. Clean, safe, inexpensive, renewable and reliable electricity from hydroelectric generators is available. British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec all generate more electricity than they can use. Connect the west to the east with a national electricity grid. A national electricity grid could have as much impact on Canada’s future as the railway had on confederation.

Inventing a new way of harnessing nature while ignoring a mastered technology seems self-destructive. Wind turbines requiring gas engines to get them turning and their inaudible low frequency rumble; the destruction of natural habitat with hectares of solar panels, and the interruption of migratory and hibernation cycles of birds and small mammals by those same panels. There are all impacts of unknown consequence.

A transmission line could run along existing railway and highway corridors, greatly reducing environmental impact. There would be less damage from a broken hydro line than a broken pipeline. It would create jobs in all provinces. Major projects would create high-tech opportunities. In a best-case scenario, we could provide our good neighbour to the south an opportunity to reduce their emissions with cheap, clean power.

Rob Goheen